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Hmm I think most fixed lens rangefinders come with 35-40mm lenses. P&S mostly comes with 28-35mm lenses. That leads to the leica/contax/konica/woigtländer cameras.
How about the Bessa L with a 50mm ? Do you need the rangefinder when shooting from a plan ?
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Quite true, you don't need a rangefinder in the air as everything is at infinity. The main problem in this case is exposure control. I am dealing with someone who is not camera savvy and so needs something fairly point and shoot. At the same time, light aircraft vibrate badly so we need fast shutter speeds, hence the need for shutter priority auto: and 1970s era rangefinders were mostly shutter priority. I have an assortment of other small cameras I could lend him (up to a Leica MP) with manual or aperture priority auto, I just don't think they are suited to this pilot, at least not yet. Basically anything with a lens longer than my Cannon's 40mm will be a plus.