I worked at the store for two years. There was a lot of tension with the sales people and the owner. The father was a good guy, but when the son took over and the father retired that pretty much killed the business. Due to a very strong sales force they all left and their customers followed the sales team. I was an employee for about 2 years and pretty much hated the place; actually hated the owner! The other people were great. Needless to say when this amazing sales team gradually left, probably in less then a year, that was the end of the company.

If anyone is interested check out Woodland Hills Cameras and Telescopes. (818) 347-2270. I worked there for a short time and we all had fun at the new place and that was the demise of Canoga. If the owner was a good guy, like his father was, which isn't hard to do, we would have continued employment. I think they were in business since the 1950's and within 2 or 3 years of the sales force leaving, the owner couldn't recover.

Woodland Hills Cameras and scopes can usually match the New York prices. They also have a very good used camera trade in program. Oh, Woodland Hills Camera also bought a darkroom and printing company. As you all can see it's sad when a company folds, however in this case it was a good thing.