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Hi all

I have recently moved to København from the other side of the world. I haven't started my Danish language classes yet so I apologise that this post is written mostly in english.

So far I have found two local stores that stock film, paper and chemicals:


The prices seem ok, its about what I used to pay for gear in Australia. Are there any other shops I should be looking at instead?

I used to buy my film from B&H in the states. Even with the huge shipping costs it was usually 50-30% cheaper than buying it locally. If I try this here, will our lovely friends at SKAT hit me with moms/25% tax when the package comes into the country?

Now for the important topic, Darkrooms/Mørkekammer

I haven't been able to find any public/rental darkrooms online. I'm sure this is due to language barriers but any suggestions would be nice. I don't think that a bathroom darkroom is going to be an option at this stage.

I'm currently looking for work so I have plenty of free time. If anybody wants to go shooting or meet up for a coffee or beer, send me a PM
Curious, why did you move to Denmark? For work or just change of scenery? Was it hard? What kind of process did you have to go through?
I want to move out of Australia to get away from how it's turning out. Thinking somewhere Scandinavian... any advice would be appreciated

hope you're enjoying