I only developed a liking for Canon cameras in recent years, after purchasing someone's FD lens collection at an excellent price. Until then, I'd been a Nikon shooter for thirty years. A lot of companies lost their way with the advent of autofocus, but Canon's change of lens mount could have been marketing suicide. They survived because by that point their core market was amateur purchasers, who put novelty above reliability and build quality, and basically wanted the next big thing.

The Canon F1 was an excellent camera, but never grabbed a market share in the way the pro Nikons had, so Canon chose to sacrifice its professional customers - with a few sops like mount converters - to the accountant's bottom line. If I'd had a big investment in Canon glass in 1986, I'd have been very fed up indeed.
History notwithstanding, I've come to enjoy using Canon FD lenses, while recognising their modest price (until mirrorless cameras reinvigorated them) was due to Canon orphaning their mount.