If that was in Holland the price would indeed be a little high - we seem to have a lot of good Meopta enlargers all over the place here! An Opemus 5 was my first serious enlarger, when growing up in UK, and I use an Opemus 6 Super for colour work now. They are robustly made from zinc-alloy diecastings, have an excellent negative carrier and very good overall quality. Many spares are still available from, for example, Fotoimpex in Germany.

The electrical system is very simple so, if the original one ever gives a problem, the transformer can be replaced with any suitably rated model as used for halogen showroom-lighting. So far as I'm aware the original transformers have no quality problem but for some more exotic colour-heads a broken transformer would not be replaceable, so keeping it simple is a good thing here. Check what sort of bulb is needed for the head as availability of that would most likely be the only limiting factor (leaving aside the price and the supplied lens).