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The F-1 certainly didn’t convince dedicated Nikon F users to sell their gear, but the F-1 did offer the new generation of professional photographers a choice. Remember that the “baby boomer” generation was coming of age in the early 1970’s and the F-1 was a camera that caught the eye of more than a few budding professional photographers. I was around back then and knew professional press photographers who worked for the Miami Herald, Detroit Free Press, etc. and more than a few carried F-1’s. You have to start someplace in establishing a professional reputation and the F-1 did just that.

Jim B.
Nikon cornered the hire market, meaning professionals could borrow equipment they needed, often on credit, from their local shop. Canon were late getting into that game. I never got the sense of Canon having an ongoing pro heritage, as Nikon had with their F series, until the EOS 1 cameras. Perhaps the UK market in the 70s differed from others, but the only F1 owners I knew were keen amateurs or semi-pros.