I am setting up this 2x3 Century with the Graflite Flash handle modified ( but unharmed) with an electronic flash in the reflector.
There is an existing flash mount on the Kalart Rangefinder that the Graflite clicks on to.
But that makes it too difficult to reach the press shutter release which is on the right side of the Century Synchromat shutter.

Does anybody know how the shutter was typically fired on the 2x3 with a Graflite?

I am looking at photos including the " A Gaggle of Graphics.." on LF forum.
On the 4 x5 it looks like the red button on the Graflite was used to fire the shutter solenoid.
But the 2x3 has no solenoid or even space for one. It has a cable release socket pointing out the right side.