I'm going through my stuff and clearing out what I no longer need or use. I'll be adding to this as I find more. Forgive the horrible pictures, the ironing table was my only available surface

1) Schneider componon S 50mm f2.8 enlarging lens, very nice shape with bubble case.
2) Schneider componon S 80mm f4 enlarging lens, glass is nice, barell shows ware, metal around rear element is bend and I don't know how this happened, I bought it this way. Does not affect use.
3)Kodak Panalure Select RC enlarging paper, 6 boxes of 10 sheets each, 2 for low contrast negs, 2 for normal negs and 2 for high contrast negs. This is great if you want to try printing color negs on black and white paper. Boxes are unopened and stored for years in my cool dry basement.
4) Mamiya polarizing filter for Mamiya 7 camera, used but in very good condition
5) Magna Sight enlarging grain focuser, new and never used. It was a spare I've had for at least 15 years and never used. The one I use is as good as new.
6) one dozen glass amber Boston round bottles, 100mm each. New.
7)Process thermometer, in metal sleeve, used with some corrosion on metal but working well. I used this till I bought myself a digital one.
8) Durst Labometer, I've never used it but seems to work. Quite an impressive machine but I don't use color analysers. Comes with manual. I would use it as an enlarging timer if I didn't already have an RH Designs stopclock Pro
9) Kodak Q-60 calibration negative (4x5 Ektachrome), with Microtek calibration guide.
10) Cambo lenseboard with copal 3 hole.
11) Mamiya bM645 Super Tripod Adapter N, new

I did not put prices because I don't have time to research the market value. Do your due diligence and make me an offer. I just want this stuff to be used somewhere.