Anybody who has kept up with my camera repair escapades poorman-style could have expected me to cook up another scheme. Working on Hasselblads seems to have risen to the top of these endeavors. By "risen to the top", I hope it doesn't end up as merely more internet pond scum.
Working on Hasselblads require factory made and approved jigs, fixtures, and tools that few people can own. And
usually these same people have factory training. Far and above us mere mortals
But careful attentive work CAN be done, perhaps as within 5 total percent error of factory work. Certainly 8% at the outside.
Now that this verbal windage has made my self-expectations a standard for home-made excellence, I have an idea. On the gliding mirror models, What if a home made jig made of perhaps PVC pipe fittings or other common materials could be fabricated or fashioned to shoot a cheap laser toy dead center of the bayonet flange, at a near-perfect perpendicular angle right down the camera's throat? Should not that beam end up near dead center of the ground glass? Obviously if the mirror stops were off, the beam would end up higher or lower.
Al comers welcome to shoot down my boob plan. Or approve it. Gratitude, HTF