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I've got the Plustek OpticFilm 8200i with Silverfast. The manual feed is a pain. This is a decent scanner, but two great downfalls of this scanner are:
*With underexposed transparencies, the backlight doesn't cut the mustard and the scans are extremely noisy.
*When using Silverfast and setting the curves via the histogram and RGB sample points, the darker the area, the more likely the final image will deviate from the scan. For example, you manipulate the curves until a dark area reads 15R,15G,15B and the output file will have this area exhibit 45R,7G,12B or something like that. It's like it's doing a VERY BAD conversion internally from AdobeRGB to sRGB. I emailed Plustek and Silverfast and got an email 2 weeks later that said something to the effect of "your monitor is not calibrated." Hogwash. I managed colors numerically - the monitor was irrelevant. Now if you do a HDR scan with ICE at 7200dpi, each frame will take in excess of 10 minutes to scan. On dense negatives, I've resorted to projecting them and photographing the projected image. The results were better.

The following bad image represents a slightly underexposed Kodachrome slide using HDR at 2400dpi for a 4 minute scan per frame which didn't match the numbers adjusted. The good image represents a 30 second scan at 2400dpi which matched the numbers perfectly. The slides are circa 1947. By the way, the colors for both slides when projected were SPOT ON perfect. One just happened to be slightly underexposed.
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Definitely good to know. I definitely need good resolution. I will be making online prints with mag cloud soon