After a dry year, I'm happy to say that the
Waterford, CT Beach Party is back!

For those who know, skip ahead, for those who don't: I try to host a gathering of APUGger's at a small cottage near the beach in Pleasure Beach, CT. That's just west of New London, in Waterford. The whole day is exceedingly low-key, everyone is invited, kids most welcome. There is a large shady lawn, where we tend to hang out, eat, drink and sometimes even do a little exposing of film. (I would like to re-instate the portrait session again this year, with my new-old 4 x 5 Darlot set-up.) Food is brought by many–no requirement, just bring what you like, if you'd like. I have a charcoal grill going most of the day and we cook lots of things at semi-regular intervals. Drink is also somewhat randomly provided. Usually there is more beer and wine than we can consume. I provide seltzer water and some of the aforementioned beverages, you bring anything special you want. The beach is 1/2 mile down the road, easily and safely walked by kids, dogs, adults, photographers, etc. We have passes for anyone who wants to hang out there. The beach itself is very kid-friendly and also a great place for adult swimming- sandy, with picturesque rocks at one end. There is a BIG sandbar that can be explored, and venues nearby for photo expeditions. To be honest, most of us sit around and talk much of the day. Parking is never an issue and the place is easily accessible from Rt 95. Train, boat and bus connections in New London, 4 miles from the cottage. Transportation to and from that can easily be arranged. I don't mind acting as a taxi driver. (hint, hint, you New Yorkers. This is even a semi-Yankee friendly area- one of the few in New England!)

June 21, 2014
45 Goshen Rd, Waterford, CT
All Day- come any time

Some of us start the day with breakfast at When Pigs Fly cafe, just down the road. If here is interest, contact me.

There is no rain date set, but we could try the next day, Sunday. Let's see what the weather brings come the week before. The cottage is small, and definitely NOT a good indoor party space for more than 4 people- and that would stretch it!

Photo ideas in the area: Harkness Memorial Park, The Waterford Town Beach and Eugene O'Neill theater, boats, water, Seaside Regional Center, woods, etc.

PM me if more info is needed or just to say "Hey, We're coming."