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Hey, I think this is a great idea! How far have you gotten, and do you have any material up yet? I am really interested and I would love to see.
I've got an olive drab Graphic "45" (aka combat graphic) with a working FP shutter, good lens but the Supermatic shutter it's set in needs a ton of work and a CLA may not rescue it. I've run some sample shots through it, and hand held it's sharp even so.

I've never found a 4x5 enlarger from the period so I'm limited to contact prints, but I can live with that. I did find a Federal 296 in surprisingly good shape, but it's only 6x9 at the largest so I use it for my century graphic and 120 back

The rest of the darkroom is set with trays, timer (a wheezy Time-o-Lite), contact printer (Albert) and safelight (also Albert, in Chicago).

I'm trying to decide on a developer and film combo (any suggestions?), for now I'm using my usual HP5 and alternately Xtol or Pyrocat-HD to get the camera tested.

Now I'm waiting for the summer season to kick off at San Pedro, where the USS Iowa is berthed for my first target. Then later probably the USS Lane Victory, which is nearby.