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Thanks for the tips. Is it possible to bleach the negs? Or will it result it different look? Also is it bleaching in the same way as C41 bleach?
At the moment the best I can do for prints is experiment with contact prints, as I do not have room for an enlarger in my apartment... well, at least not for one in the foreseeable future... it will be even better if it worked on negs.

The Crocein Scarlet mentioned in the link you posted sounds like it's very involved stuff...
Bleaching negatives has the opposite effect of bleaching prints. You need to be printing if you want to try to achieve what Bassman did.

I wish you luck in your endeavor, and also wish to point out that the negative is not an end product, it is only an intermediary. All things done to the negative will have a subsequent effect in the print. But it really is at the printing stage where the magic happens and where the genius of these artists comes alive. I wish I was kidding when there are years and decades of printing behind their results and not something that can easily be copied, because you are not them.
If I may offer some advice, it's probably better to simply stay inspired by their work while you find your own voice and how you want your own printed work to look.