It pains me to do this, but I haven’t shot any film in more than a year and don’t have any plans to do so. So I’m selling off my last 2 (most beloved) film systems. I figure I can always buy again if I feel the need and right now I need the money and space.

I put this Mamiya C330 system after using one Mamiya C330 for a couple of years and loving it. I think the 80mm Mamiya lens is as good as any MF 80mm lens you could find. A truly superior lens. Never let me down. For portraiture I think this camera is superior because you can see the subject throughout your entire exposure. There’s no mirror blackout. So you can see if someone blinks, makes a weird expression, etc. For me it was a great educator in portraiture.

My thought was that I could have two cameras, on for color, one for B&W. Along with all the doo-dads. It took me a long time to put it together, and by the time I was done, photography was already on the backburner. I’d like to keep this together as a set if possible, but I need to get a reasonable price for it. Everything is here to start using this kit on arrival.

I'm going to set the price at $1000+50s&H in the US and will probably sit on that price for quite a while. I had been planning on keeping this, so not in a hurry to sell. I'd definitely like to keep it together as a set.

One thing about these cameras, they had hard lives...very much working cameras for weddings, etc. I've bought another 3-4 on ebay that turned out to be turkeys. Broken parts, gummed up works, etc. Probably had beer spilled on them a couple of times. So...being confident you are getting working copies of this particular camera is a big deal. Good ones are very reliable and they are built like tanks. Just a lot of beat up crappers out there.

2 Mamiya C330s
55mm, 80mm and 135mm lenses with Mamiya Hoods and caps
2 waste level finders
1 prism finder
Gossen Luna Pro F Light meter
Filter kit with filter pocket
A bag that fits everything pretty well
A ton of great film

I should remind you that I haven’t used any of this stuff in nearly 2 years. I already sold off two other C330s, and kept the very best stuff for myself, so I think this should all be good to go. One of these cameras I had CLA’d by Dave Easterwood, who I believe bought out the old C330 stock. I might have had both done. I really can’t remember. Additionally, I’ve mostly used the 80mm lens. The other two I have not used much. But they look beautiful and sound snappy. So…as-is but I’d be surprised if you were not delighted with these cameras. I can’t promise that they won’t need a CLA but I’d be surprised if either of them do. I just ran a test roll through both of them and they seem to be indexing well, with no skipped frames or jams. These pictures are not very good...they appear dusty in general, but they aren't. Just poorly lit!

Camera 1 (in the picture this is the one with the regular focusing knobs) – Small/average amount of brassing and wear. No dents or noticeable damage. Advance lever seems appropriate. Everything seems to be working appropriately. Moderate/normal amount of dust/dirt in the focusing hood, about average and obviously not affecting anything.
Camera 2 (has big silver focus knob) small amount of brassing, this camera has a serial number engraved on it. Otherwise, same as Camera 1.
80mm lens – normal amount of dust (i.e. not going to change your pictures). Aperture is snappy, no issues. Shutter sounds snappy and progressive. Comes with the hood. Lovely fucking lens.
135mm lens – Same description as 80mm. Does not appear to have any issues. Hood and front cap.
55mm lens – Same. Has the wide square hood you need for this lens. Hood and front and rear caps.
Paramender – Type I (I believe). Works fine. Never used it.
Prism – fair amount of wear/brassing. Slightly more than average dust. Could do with a good cleaning but I never used it (love the waste level finders)
Light Meter – Luna Pro – Very nice shape. Part of the hood broke off, otherwise, no issues. Appears to be consistent with my Minolta meter.
Tamrac Pro 8 Bag – This fits the two bodies and three lenses quite nicely, plus a lot of film and the meter. The prism doesn’t fit nicely with the other stuff but you can do it. Never used the prism so I would leave it at home. Really though this bag works perfectly for this kit.

46mm Filters (all these filters fit all these lenses. Yes…that’s pretty awesome)
Vivitar ND 4x
Vivitar ND 2x
Tiffen Red 25
Hoya O(g) orange
Hoya Y (K2) yellow
Hoya G (XO) green
Vivitar 82a
Vivitar 81a

6 rolls TMY 11/13
6 Rolls Delta 3200 6/14
6 rolls New Portra 10/13
4 rolls tmx 11/13
2 rolls HP5 3/15
2 rolls far out of date Provia (I used the other roll pictured as my test roll)

Here's some pictures I shot with these cameras (all the square shots)