I've been out shooting with my little Ikonta 35, an incredibly compact little scale-focus camera with a Novar lens, and rediscovering two things. The first is that it's a really fun camera to use, in that "everything you need and nothing you don't" manner---typical Hubert Nerwin design.

But the second thing is that scale focus is a pain! I end up relying on small apertures to shoot hyperfocally a lot, which means slow film is out of the question in anything but full sun, and anything close-up, even at portrait distance, is dicey.

So naturally I'm experiencing some GAS for the Contessa, which is basically the same chassis with a meter, a rangefinder, and a Tessar. They don't seem much discussed here---does anyone have experiences of them that I should hear about? (I know the meter won't work; don't care.)