What I have here is a Miranda DX-3 in not working well order and two lenses. Price is $25 + shipping. Paypal is OK.

Here's what I know.

The camera came from a neighbor of mine. I cleaned it up, changed seals, fresh batteries, etc.
Film test showed no light leaks. It also showed inconsistent exposures. Some frames were perfect, some frames were grossly under-exposed and some had only half of the frame exposed. Quite possibly, shutter is dragging. The self-timer lever is missing. Body is in user condition with brassing here and there.

The smaller lens is 50mm f/1.8. Lens mounts fine but is a bit lose. I hear this is not unusual for this camera. No fungus.
The taller lens is 200mm f/3.5. Oddly enough, this lens does not have a lever to communicate current aperture setting to the camera. No, it's not broken. It's just not there by design. I'd guess this lens is from different period. It says "Tele-Auto" on front.

I'm not going to list other "stuff" I have, but I'm going to throw them in the box.

Please DO NOT buy this camera or lens expecting perfectly functioning camera/lens pair. They aren't. This is for someone who wants to tinker or use them for parts. OR, you could restore them and make millions. (^_^) I have no idea if lens are fine, as there's no way to test with iffy body.

So there you have it guys/gals. You can pay via paypal. I'll cover the fees. The box will ship from 32703 area code. I think I can stuff them in the medium size box for USPS.

Please PM me, if interested.