Here in the Rochester area, the continued sell-off of Kodak assets is no longer considered very newsworthy. For better or worse, the local economy has moved on.

Many of the choicest parcels of the Kodak properties have already been sold, so this news story is getting shrugs from local developers. The remaining photo manufacturing facilities would be leased back from any new owners until the inevitable cessation of film production. Then, because of their specialized architecture, those buildings would simply be demolished. Ultimately, due to long-term soil contamination issues in certain areas, we might end up with a forever-wild Kodak Park, teeming with deer and squirrels, with George Eastman's gravesite as the centerpiece.

I suppose that the sale of the iconic Kodak office tower on State Street would cause a sentimental stir around here, but most of those tears have already been shed. A good portion of that downtown property has already been sold to the County for use as a community college campus.