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...until the inevitable cessation of Kodak film production.

Isn't film production the basis for Alaris which arose out of the rights of the U.K. Kodak pension fund? I wonder what rights the Kodak U.K. pension fund was given when it acquired whatever rights it acquired.

Was it simply that in return for absolving Kodak of its pension obligations to its U.K. employees it got film production but only for as a long as it suited Kodak U.S.?

I know the Brits are easily fooled into being ripped off but wouldn't this have to compare with the best that Gordon Gekko could have devised

Maybe the Brits had no choice and were forced to take pity on Kodak U.S. in the same way I had to take pity the other day on a man who certainly appeared down at heel and who asked if I could spare a few pounds for a poor man whose only possession in life was a loaded Smith and Wesson