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Where do you come up with this stuff?
An image of what I see when I have to drive through the old Johnston Mill area of Charlotte, now known as "NODA" (North Davidson St. area), and other such places that were once busy factories and neighborhoods in a bygone time. Now a whole other culture of wierdos, with crazy little shops like "Sunshine Daydreams" and other nefarious holes-in-the-wall of that zombie culture. Every other old shopspace a silly coffee shop before the "art gallery" next door, and another coffee shop next to that. Buildings all with planned graffiti. The mill buildings all sectioned off at city taxpayer expense for the zombie culture to have their little section 8 "apartment". But that's just "NODA". Those sorts of places are all over. Riding through them makes me wonder if SOMEBODY, me or them are from another planet.
I hate to see that happen to a once-vital manufacturing area. In its day Kodak Park was once a beacon of a standard of living and family life that was the envy of the world, I'm sure. Why do I care? I'm not sure. I've been in photography all my life, and by nature of that, a Kodak follower.