I have two cameras that I will not be using. Gotta make room.

First is a Olympus SP, in case. Very clean, very nice, with one glaring but very small problem: the button that engages the spot meter function is missing. It doesn't make any difference in regular use, so I have just put a piece of tape over the hole. The (EV) meter works, but I can't guarantee accuracy. I used it when shooting, but never tried any "automatic" stuff. This camera can be completely manual. Lens (exceedingly sharp f1.7 42mm Zuiko) is very clean. $40 shipped

Second is a Vitoret DL, in case. Color Lanthar f28 50mm lens. Very nice condition, shutter seems to be working perfectly, at least for the roll I ran through it. The meter is not functional. Very nicely made Voigtlander with a retro look and good optics. $35 shipped

More for foreign shipping. Paypal fine, I pay fee. 3% to APUG PM me to buy or ask questions. I miss the thread sometimes as it rolls on.