Stone, selling off to some sucker, creating a shell, loop holes etc This really is getting close to Gordon. Was he the one responsible for gas being more expensive in NY and creaming the extra profits by ensuring that no petrol/gas tankers are allowed? I recall someone saying that petrol/gas tankers aren't allowed in NY so petrol is more expensive. Sounds like a Gordon trick Never give the suckers an even break

In the words of the famous U.K. group "10cc"'s song about Wall Street" You've got to stay cool on Wall Street when your index is low, Dow-Jones ain't got time for the bums"

Actually this was many years before Gordon emerged so it would appear that we are the villains and Hollywood's sentiments are fully justified.

We are not as pleasant as I thought. I live in a small, sleepy rural market town in deepest Northamptonshire but even here there are no longer any signs of the "Five families" that once ran the place