Thanks for the support guys and just as importantly, the well wishes to help.

Most importantly than money, I appreciate the vote of confidence. I expect a degree of trouble and injury, which is par for the course. So, that means a lot. It's always good to support fellow APUG'ers, but money is not everything. This will happen regardless. I just viewed it as an opportunity for people to pre-purchase inexpensive prints from someone whom they have at least had some connection with. It'll be a hell of an experience and I hope I can match my vision to the photographs and eventually bring some of those images to the forum to share. I just wanted to offer people the opportunity to be part of the project if they want to be.

I know Mustafa, you probably have a very different perspective on the issue and I assure you this isn't a fundraiser for a rich, white kid to travel the world. I've done my fair share of hitch hiking and to do this to Sao Paulo from Ontario is not possible for a number of reasons around border security, roads that end in Central America and a lack of time (I had to beg my employer to take 2 months off without losing my job - I can't realistically spend half that time on the road). Trust me when I say that I would rather the experience of travelling on a dime than on a diamond ring. The experience for me is a huge factor, but given the time constraints, it's not possible. I have also been denied on the border by a bus before and have been "red flagged" due to suspicion of "living there as a photographer" travelling through hitch hiking and busing was not worth the risk.