mirror position.jpgOnce again I thank all you guys for your input on my thread here. Attached is the page out of the 555/553 manual on mirror positioning. It just seems such an easy task if one could procure or fabricate a jig of like kind. Surely it can be done. I'd give my eye teeth to actually see one of these. Wouldn't be the first time I reverse-engineered a gadget. How difficult could it really be? For instance even common things like PVC pipe fittings these days have been so automated in their manufacture as to be within billionths of a germ's hair in tolerances.
I've thought about it today, and though I can't measure or prove it, but I'm sure for instance that an imaginary straight line drawn dead center of the film gate opening through the lens bayonet would pass dead-center there also. This IS a Hasselblad, after all. Now to think of a way to determine if the focusing screen is on-center with front bayonet, with whatever crop being equal on all 4 sides. Given these variables, then fabrication of a test instrument similar to this should be pretty easy. We're not computing a course to the moon, where the last digit in an irrational number is necessary to keep from flying a thousand miles past it.