I adore rangefinder cameras. To me they are the sports cars of cameras. Sure, some other cameras have all the bells and whistles, and lenses are limited, but for certain things they are tops. I had a Leica M2R and loved it, but I let it get away years ago. There's the old Canon P and Canon 7s which are full feature rangefinders with interchangeable lenses. (The Canon 7 has a light meter that is not pretty, IMO). Have you thought about a nice, clean Canon Canonet? They have non-interchangeable lenses that usually top out at f2.8 but take very sharp photos and are small and compact. There is variety of Canonet models. Yashica made some fine cameras similar to the Canonet with even faster lenses. The LYNX has a vey fine f 1.4 lens but is no featherweight. Yashica also made some great Leica clones based on the fine Nicca line which they bought. I want a Yashica YF. I am saving my pennies. I just cannot see me buying another Leica, because of the cost.