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Although I own an A-1, I rarely use it for the reasons stated. It was the beginning of the reassignment of dials to other purposes, which ended in the madness of the modern DSLR. Why, for instance, allocate the choice of aperture to a little wheel, when there's a perfectly positioned, large and indexed dial around the lens. Because they could, is the real answer. There's pretty much nothing the A-1 does better than other cameras, and plenty it turns into a fussy, ergonomic mess.
I agree,however, if you like a smaller body than the F-1 and shoot either in shutter priority or program mode the A-1 do that well

I want to like my A1, it was given to me by my dad in 1980's, but I just cant seem to like using it. I like that it has aperture priority, but its so weird to use. Mine needs a CLA, but its hard to want to spend that money on repairing it.
That is a big dilemma. Sentimental resasons aside, by time you find a competent repairman and ship it back and forth and cover the repair cost you could buy a better one for less. Around 120 from KEH for an EX unit.