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A rangefinder with autofocus?? Interesting. How does that work? Sounds like a contradictio in terminis to me.
They operate on the same rf principle, with twin windows etc. .
But instead of projecting the superimposed images on the viewfinder for you to align, the alignment is done electronically.

And it's very, very accurate.
Most of the complaints you're gonna hear about the autofocus accuracy, is from people not understanding how a single focus point camera works. For instance, someone might try to take a photo of a couple holding hands, point the camera at them and not notice that the focus point lies between the couple'a bodies, aiming at infinity.
Of course the camera will focus at infinity, and if course the photog will think that the camera has an issue, when there's none.

Based on the principle the autofocus on the camera works, it'll either focus dead on, or not focus at all.