How about a Retina IIIS if you want interchageable lenses or a Retina folder if you don't.

For either factor in a CLA by a specialist (like Chris Sherlock in NZ, where I sent my IIIS)

A good IIIS and lenses is probably circa /$150 plus say /$100 for a CLA - something less than a leica, and these are very high quality cameras with superb lenses.

The key thing with the IIIS is there is a "string" connecting the meter to the aperture and shutter speed. Eventually it breaks. Chris replaces it as part of his CLA, but its a pig of a job. the folders, of course, don't have the string but neither do they have interchangeable lenses (there is a sort of pseudo supplementary lens set for the folders, but they are so awkward to use, they are virtually useless)

Otherwise, compur shutters and usually schneider lenses in beautifully engineered bodies. What's not to like :-)