Thank you for your kind words. The exhibit is of three individuals I have known for some time. Each, in their own way is a collector as am I. Some might say hoarders. Each of the three is printed in a different alternative process. The three used are cyanotype, kallitype and ziatype. These long pieces are used to give context to the person and their stuff. I'm not complete with the printing however expect to have about 50 images in 20 X 24 frames in addition to the three context pieces. Although I had no intention of making these three as archival prints, I imagine with the gloss gel between the masonite and the image, they should last for some time. They also were not made to be sold. I began this thread looking for answers and have included the answers of "How to do it" should anyone else decide to undertake this relatively easy project. Pretty sure I may do this again in the future. Bill Barber