Look, I'm no more happy about the state of affairs with regard to film than anybody else. But seriously, do we expect someone to keep making a product at a loss just for the tiny piece of the market that the fine art community represents? We have just been fortunate enough to piggyback on the wide commercial use of silver gelatin products for the last century.

It's easy to blame management for all of this, but face it, they DO have a responsibility to the owners of the company to turn a profit, and if they see the traditional silver gelatin paper market imploding, then they have a DUTY to not throw good money after bad. While I am sorry for the laid off employees, they are getting paid for the work they have done to this point. It is not like the company is ripping them off. The company owes them a job to no greater a degree than the employee owes the company the duty to show up and work. Brutal, yeah. But an employee can walk from a job at any time. Why should this not be reciprocal with regard to the company's obligation to the employee?

Other methods of allocating productive assets and capital have been tried. The great shining success of the USSR is one example.

That said, I also firmly believe that I have no obligation to support Kodak. I think they are moving in a direction that is not in our best interest. Throwing our support behind Ilford is the best way to vote with our feet.