No one is suggesting that capital venture be ran by philantropic reasoning. Its business, we all know that - from what I can tell there is a very wide range of people on this forum, highly educated, intelligent people, many of them in business for themselves, many quite successfully. I find your comment a tad patronizing, and perhaps indicative that you haven't really bothered to look into what is being said. Kodaks moves are taken emotionally by some (myself, for example) - that is true, but for the most part this is a discussion of the fact that Kodak is shootingitself in the foot and mishandling this situation and THEN that the little people will suffer. And they will, and more and more will because Kodak is a nobody in digital, always will be and no one will ever care - and its really premature to write obituaries for film as a photographic medium, outside of the "artistic" or "hobby" community. The only reason that digital photography has been embraced by anyone other than family P&S buyers is because of STRICTLY financial reasons - time is money, and digital makes them money - BUT - only until the costs become unreasonable. We are on the first wave of digital imaging, even though it has been around for a while, and in the long run, the greed of theindustry will make a lot of people think: "Hmmm... I bought a Hassy 25 years ago, some lenses and studi equipment and have ran a successful business... now... I spend a million dollars on digital to get me 85% of the quality I am used so that I can trim costs...But instead of 25 years, 25 months makes my equipment obsolete.... I need to spend more cash justto maintain status quo..." I don't think professionals will put up kindly with the product cycles, as they, unlike the mass market, will not look kindly to being force fed a new gizmo they never asked for.
The digital arena - not just photography, anything computerized or electronic - has gone from the traditional "there is a need - lets make a product to fill it" model to the much more lucrative "lets make a product and then show people why they need it (or want it - ewhatever eaches into their wallets more effectively)".

OK, rant over...