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... keep making a product at a loss just for the tiny piece of the market that the fine art community represents?....
Except for this statement, which would be a hard one for anyone to prove without access to the company books, I have to say that this post is one of the most valid "non-emotional" points of view that I have read in this forum on this subject. Management at Kodak has a responsibility to the shareholders for corporate success and has a responsibility to the soon to be "ex" employees to treat them fairly on the way out and to the remaining employees to make sure that they get paid on schedule for the work that they do. What else is "required" as opposed to "desired"?

I guess if anyone doesn't like what Kodak is doing, then they should, as Clay says "vote with their feet". Until I bought the surplus PlusX-Aero, the only Kodak stuff I used was stop bath. That won't be hard to replace.

cheers eh?