The neg FB...I must wear it like a Badge of Courage, milk it for all it's worth, get my mileage out of it, etc.

I am cooling off a I hesitate to broadcast the name of the seller in bold letters, as they have initiated a Square Trade resolution. I got the (-), my first ever I might add, as retaliation for GIVING neg to a seller who sent me a worn, beat product with a 1988 date code, described as new then offered to exchange it. Another winning bidder on same product got one in similar condition dated 1983, and was equally unhappy.

I put a link to pics on the web in my feedback since it appeared to be blatant fraud, not an oversight (two people in a row, come on!). Offer to exchange it I didn't respond to because they rationalized it in many ways.

I will wait until the Square Trade thing pans out & see if the resolution was an honest fix or ...something else. If it's corrected properly, I'll undo my smear campaign. IF invoking Square Trade ends up being part of a darker plot by the seller, no reason to assume so yet, I will be out with a virtual flame thrower, to protect innocent unsuspecting fellow photographers from such indignity. I think it's too much work for most people who get burned, but I may have given them a wake-up call (only a one-alarm so far).

I will take my chances with the average eBay clown who 'doesn't know anything about cameras' and not be surprised if an item doesn't meet description or has functional issues, but a dealer with a condition rating system posted on their website?...uh, uh, no way.