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It's finally warm here (76 F right now), though I doubt it's going to last. But it's windy as all heck. It always seems to be windy here. Is that a midwest thing no one here notices and therefore no one warned us about? I've been doing an instant shot per week project and wanted to do this weekend's outside. But I'm sure I'll have the same problem as Tom ^ with the darkcloth (never mind keeping the 4x5 from blowing over).
Pretty much the same conditions here. 75 with 30 MPH constant winds. It's been VERY dry, too. Pretty much no humidity for weeks.

No matter what I do, there seems to be static everywhere. Just had to wipe down my changing bag/tent and all my 4x5 holders and film boxes with dryer sheets to cut down on static.

Even with humidifying my darkroom, just walking around the house generates enough static for some big shocks... Thankfully I've only fogged some test strips with the static so far!