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I also have a Tominon 105 f:4.5 lens but it is mounted in a Copal/Polaroid Press shutter. I don't like using the press shutters as you have to change the shutter speed to B in order to focus.

I suspect that this lens (the Tominon) is a pretty good performer and I believe that it will just hit the corners on 4x5...haven't really used it that much.
If anyone has any info on this lens, please pass it on.
The 105/4.5 Tominon in Polaroid Copal Press #1 was mostly sold for Polaroid's CU-5 Gel Cam. It is supposed to be designed for closeup photography. If so, it won't be that good at distance.

I've never had one so can't say anything about it. Should easily cover 2x3 at distance, though.

Re having to set press shutters to B or T to focus, this depends on the shutter. Some Copal #0 and #1 press shutters have open shutter levers, some Prontor Press #1s have cable release sockets for open shutter.