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Figuring out what "Perpendicular distance from center of small gear to the LENS AXIS" means is the problem. Measuring from the center of the small gear to the film plane is easy enough, but to two decimal place accuracy? I dunno. Seems to me I dug around on the 'net until I found the underlying math.

Have you read this ?

No perfectionists at our house Charley! If my wife was one, she married me and had to get over it. I'm just 'ball-parkin' for now. Looks like with the gears I have I can start testing 6" #99, 11" #51 14" #43, and best of all, maybe my 450 Nikkor with the 31,33 set.

You'd be proud of me. The shanks were all 2 short and I'm building extensions. Acceptable run-out so far with the 'last word'.

Hmmm, the old brass first gen. Protar VII has 11" and 14" on it. Wonder if that's what this set was built around?? Maybe I'll get lucky yet. I've got that lens, and it would look fantastic on the camera.