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Does this mean they only have a little over a month to get the other 80% of the needed funding?
Yes - but there are no set trends on KS, regardless of what they would have you think. Reading in depth into their analasys shows that the projections about the actual time money is pledged, the size of the pledges, and the probability of specific things happening in a project if XYZ are chosen by the creator is only true in a fraction of cases and their highest control rate is under 20% of cases. I am no statistician, but that means to me there is no way to predict what will happen in 30 days.

While i am optimistic and hope this project happens, it is slowed down now, but most funding can happen in the last few moments, as they are moving forward if slowly, and steadily. Its up to all community members to post this on their FB pages, DPreview comment pages etc., to get the most traffic to the page...