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At what price?

8x10 is four times the area of 4x5. At Freestyle,which I just checked, HP5+ for example is 3.3 times as much per sheet in 8x10 as in 4x5. If that same ratio held, we'd be talking nearly twenty bucks a sheet if the 4x5 does come in at $6. If the 4x5 is closer to $10 that'd be nearly thirty five bucks a pop in 8x10.

It would be cool, but not THAT cool. At least not to me. Maybe if someone had the right commercial use and a client willing to pay it might make sense.
At a fair for example, you could easily sell an 8x10 for $100 and keep the negative and sell them the print to take home. Especially fairs and Renaissance Festivals etc. That's not amazing but it's do-able. And sell them digital copy emailed to them of the negative for extra. Etc.