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This rumor has been out for some days here. Some of it was caused by a german mail order company sending out an email-newsletter stating they are out of APX in 120 and can't get new from Agfa (which is no surprise as a: Agfa has troubles, as we all know and 2nd: the machines are in maintenance (scheduled downtime ). So, nothing final yet. We have to wait and see what will happen when the "rescue plan" takes aktion (if one ever will).
You don't mention where "here" is, and it's not in your profile, but I'll assume it's somewhere in Europe. When I was in Germany, nearly everyone was on a month of vacation this time of year, and a great many Germans were in Italy or Greece or somewhere in the south. It makes sense that this hiatus would be used to clean up the production line before gearing back up, perhaps in time for October deliveries to J&C and others.