There are two different kinds of films in this deal. Fujicolor C200 and Kodak Ektar 100.

Fuji film is Fujicolor C200 film, 36 exposure. There are 19 rolls. (you are correct, I used one roll!)

As you know, these are C41 color print film. The expiration date is 2015.04. They were purchased by me and were cold stored in refrigerator in a plastic bag. They were NOT frozen. Please tell me within TWO WEEKS from delivery date per tracking if there are ANY problems.

Ektar is a Kodak product. This is Ektar 100, 36 exposures. There is only ONE roll and is expired as of 08/2012. The film was purchased by me and was refrigerated in a plastic bag. It was never frozen. I'm sorry, there is no guarantee on this film.

I would like to sell the whole set for $50 SHIPPED.

US buyers only, and paypal payment, please. I would like to sell the whole 20 rolls at once to one buyer.

To fit 20 films into a box that I have, I will have to take them out of the shrink wrap but each box will remain sealed.

Please PM me if you are interested.