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Pointless article, and not even proof read (unless he really did shoot 400 speed film the odd film speed of 40). The macro lens is specialized for macro why shoot at infinity for comparison?
No typo. The film is Firstcall 400S (same as Rollei Retro 400S) and it's rated at 40 ISO for development in Spur's HRX and Acurol-N. The macro lens has a stellar reputation outwith it's close-focusing range. Mike Johnston said this about it, "Here's one lens that's utterly forgotten yet absolutely magnificent: the Olympus Zuiko 50mm f/2 Macro. You can use it as a normal lens and I promise you, you will never use a better 50mm. No matter what name is engraved on the barrel." You can read the whole article here but be warned that you might find it a bit pointless, too.