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Lens manufactures release resolution data on their lenses. If I am going to spend my hard earned money then I want to make the best decision. Published lens resolution charts give the buyer that information.
There can be problems here. few years ago in the 1980's Hoya released a series of lenses Multi-coated some fixed FL others zooms, Under test they had excellent resolution so you'd assume good information for buyer,

No so, resolution is only part of the issue, more practical tests are also needed to get a balanced overview. The Hoya range was extremely prone to flare the Multi-coating wasn't to every air/glass surface. Hoya quietly ceased making the range and went back to the drawing board, they released a completely new range of lenses under their Tokina brand name.

My experience which I guess most here would agree with is that the standard lenses from all the larger manufacturers are all capable of producing high quality results and I found no noticeable differences between early 55mm Takumars and later Multi-coated 50/55mm Pentax lenses, nuances at wider apertures.

So when selecting a lens a balanced approach that combines resolution testing an practical field testing is the most reliable. Bruce's practical approach is a valid opinion because he's using high quality lenses from 2 manufacturers who have an excellent reputation for their lens quality.