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Lens resolution is so far down the list of things I care about that it doesn't even register.
I'd have to become a much better photographer first to do my crappy lenses justice...
Yes and no. For some images, resolution is important. It may however not be the kind of image that you would make. So your statement may be perfectly accurate for you, but for someone else it may be top of the list.

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Some people really get into test charts and data. I'm sure at 20X one can easily see a difference. But I still don't care. Photography is too much about expressing an emotion for me to have time and patience to even worry about technical stuff.
Having used an enormous array of Nikkor and Nikon-mount lenses, the good lenses do tend to stand out over many images and many hours of use. Not every single image and not every single circumstance, but on average, it is much more pleasant to use superb rather than mediocre lenses, both in optics and handling. If you have gear confidence, it frees you to think about the task or motive. There are many other facets that are arguably more important, so that whatever I spend has to be within the context of what improves my photography the most, for example workshops to acquire and hone skills, and trips to good destinations. I don't object to clinical gear comparisons, as they have their uses, but I do object to pretentious babbling about whether gear discussions are prudent or not. It leads nowhere.