I have way too many rolls of film than I can use. So I'd like to sell them to reduce my stock. All of my films were purchased by me from retailers and stored in plastic bags and in refrigerator for the whole time I owned them. None were frozen.

1) Kodak Plus-X 135-36 07/2012 - 5 rolls $3 each
2) Kodak Tmax-400 135-36 03/2015 20 rolls $3.50 each
3) Kodak Tmax-400 135-24 09/2013 10 rolls $2.50 each
4) Arista Premium 100 135-24 05/2012 20 rolls $2 each

Shipping will be whatever USPS charges me.

If you buy 10 or more films from me, you have two weeks to test one roll from each kind to make sure they are good. If they aren't I'll refund your money.

I'd rather not do something like a couple of each.... so please consider buying in increments of 5 or 10. To fit rolls into boxes, I may need to remove the rolls from the factory shrink wraps. But, each box will stay sealed.

If any interest, please PM me, and please be sure to specify which one. If I get multiple responses, I will go in order of PMs received.

Thanks everybody!