Leica M6TTL with 35 and 50 mm lenses inside and for things that move, like people.

Sinar P2 5x7 with 150, 300 and 600mm lenses for things I can stop long enough, like people.

I've pretty much stopped using anything but Tri-x with either camera.

I prefer the Leica for its quiet shutter and accurate focus in low light. I've been using the 5x7 more and more for portraits in natural light. whole orders of magnitude more difficult than 35mm, but when it works, it really works!

last weekend, I shot a roll with my daughter's Canon Rebel 2000 and my wife's old 35mm f2 lens (great lens, btw). very impressive combination. Someday I'll write a comparison test between the Leica and the Rebel and while each will have its strengths, there will be no clear cut winner.