Wanna' know what would be da' sheeeets?

If Film Ferrania really was successful in bringing a re-engineered E-6 transparency film back to the market, and it turned out to be a wonderful film.

And Kodak E-6 was already tanked. Then Fuji E-6 also tanked. Then mainline E-6 was only available from the new Ferrania.

And their converted R&D/test coating equipment was too small to handle the remaining worldwide niche market demand for E-6. But there wasn't nearly enough worldwide niche market demand to resurrect the main coating lines.

And they have already let it be known that their original primary motivation was to supply the 8mm/16mm cine markets. Presumably to prevent extinction of those formats.

So we might end up in a permanent gray limbo situation where E-6 still photographers never had an assured supply. It was out there. It was fresh. It was good. But there just was never enough of it to go around, year to year.

That would really suck...