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One good thing about rain on a Saturday morning is that the line for the Confessional Booth is not very long. This will not take too much time before it is my turn.

. . . .

Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned.

Yes, Father, I know that it has been a while, but I really have not transgressed in a long time. No boxes from KEH for months now. But that John has been telling me for a long time that I should have a Nikon F3HP and that I would appreciate and understand why it was considered to be an outstanding example of its type and a true working camera when it was the current model being offered to the professional photographer community. Now that I have one with the MD-4 Motor Drive attached to the bottom of the F3HP, I think that I do understand why this solid feeling camera was considered to be an excellent work-horse camera for the active working photographer, who was also young and strong. You really do notice it on a neck strap.

Well, it did come with a couple of short zoom lenses, and a NIKKOR 105mm f:2.5 and a 300mm f:4.5 lenses also, so it seemed like a very nice package kit.

Oh. Well, yes, Father, you are right. I did make the decision to buy the camera, didn't I? And, yes, John was not reaching into my wallet and pulling the money out for me. Yes, I actually did it. So, yes, Father, I will contritely accept my penance.

Thank you, Father. See you next week.

I loved the F3 since the day it was introduced.(got 3 myself 2 HPs and a DE-2) Some are put off by its size and heft. But that is part of what I like, with a long lens a heavier body is more stable.
Size wise seems down right compact when you spend time shooting with a DSLR like a D300.

(the HP finder is not really a necessity, I prefer the smaller and more view finder coverage of the DE-2.If you shoot with sunglasses you are an idiot, if you wear correction lenses you could use diopters)

But I think you'll like the F3.