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I was going through You tube today and found this video...Watch the video...
Here's a link for anyone who wants to watch it:

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...At 2:26 in the video he is asking for questions and comments from customers to be sent to ceo@kodakalaris.com...try to think up some serious questions...
OK, I just sent the following message to him:

Dear Mr. Gerbershagen,

You asked for questions -- here are mine.
  • What contractual commitment do you have from Eastman Kodak Company to continue producing the current range of Kodak still camera films?
  • Is it connected to sales volume?
  • Does it relate to the manufacturing of motion picture film, which Eastman Kodak can reasonably expect to plummet when existing contracts end next year?
  • Is there some date after which or sales volume floor below which Eastman Kodak is no longer obligated to coat films for Kodak Alaris?
  • In the event that Eastman Kodak Company, for one or more of the reasons listed above, ceases to be a Kodak Alaris supplier of still camera films, does your agreement with it include any provision for transitioning production of existing Kodak-branded still films from Building 38 in Rochester, New York to your facility at Harrow?
  • Would associated engineering/manufacturing personnel and intellectual property be transferred to Kodak Alaris?
  • Can your coating line at Harrow be switched back and forth between RA-4 paper and the film products without undue disruption?
  • If neither Eastman Kodak supply nor relocated production in Harrow are available, does your agreement permit Kodak Alaris to source still camera films elsewhere and use the Kodak brand on them?
Thank you in advance for your answers. Photography forums around the world are abuzz with rumor and speculation, none of which is based on facts or knowledge. This situation cannot be positive for Kodak Alaris. In my opinion, sharing factual information is the only way you can prevent customers from fleeing to other film sources in the face of uncertainty.

Best regards,

Sal Santamaura

I'm expecting a "thank you for your questions" response, but not much after that. Will let everyone know what, if anything, happens.