It might be called a Table Top Camera Stand. I don't know much about this. I got it with a too big for it Copy Camera. This thing has a really cool design with a shift lever and worm drive heavy duty gears and racks. Lot's of gears.

The Copy Camera strained it a bit and made it jump gears, but broke nothing metal wise. The crank handle axle bearing is screwed down to a narrow wood rail and the screws came loose allowing the gear jump. I ran a drywall screw in there as a temp fix. It now smoothly cranks up and down and changes to tilt with the shift lever. There are also old repairs to other wood with old timey screws. I attached it to a furniture dolly at the base feet, so it can roll around and not be further damaged. The top was dirty scratched flat black and I repainted it with latex flat black. Nothing else has been touched. It is well greased and that might be ancient grease that works fine! Maybe smell.

Obviously it does not come with the camera or mannequin.

Heavy, so shipping is a big problem. Prefer pickup in Chicago area.

I really don't know what it worth.

$250 or trade for unusual 2X3 wood camera.