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There are?

Ugh. I'm not a huge Velvia fan as it's just too contrasty for my tastes, but when I do want it, it's mostly in flat lighting which also tends to be dim and 100 is a lot more useful to me than 50. I KNOW the 50 is somewhat "better" in the classic Velvia sense, but that extra stop is sure useful.

OTOH, Provia and the less expensive Precisa version of it is proving to be a pretty good film for me. I've got to find someone with better scans than Dwayne's that doesn't cost much more though, or buy myself a film scanner. I got back the worst scans ever even from Dwayne's from my Mardi Gras in New Orleans slides and thought something was wrong with the film. Popped them on a light box - nope, film looks gorgeous. Scans are crap even by Dwayne's standards.
Dwayne's is great at making prints and developing film, but HORRIBLE at scanning.... I figured by now they might have fixed that (since my complaint in January 2011 I refused 50 scanned rolls of Kodachrome that were all horrible... but apparently have not gotten better...