Having had success with developing CineStill 800T in the homebrew recipe listed here, I've treated myself to a 400' roll of Vision3 500T. The first roll I developed, using a sodium carbonate remjet removal before developing, came out very dark with a barely discernible image. After remixing all the chemicals using distilled water, here's what I've found happens if I process unexposed film:

  • Sodium carbonate (20g/l) remjet removal, dev, bleach, fix, stab - This produces extremely dark film, edge marking almost invisible.
  • Dev, remjet removal, bleach, fix, stab - This produces completely clear (orange) film, as expected.

Is there any reason why the sodium carbonate appears to be fogging the film? Kodak lists an alternative pre-bath that uses sodium bicarbonate as well as sodium carbonate, might this be the key? I'm going to try doing this tonight but thought I'd see whether anyone could shed any light on this.